Big & Small Game

Santiago del Estero - Argentina

"Javier Fede and all, many thanks for a wonderful stay in Amakela, it was fantastic! Absolutely the finest lodge in all of Argentina! Debora and I look forward to returning soon, Sincerely yours"
 Jonh Stephan

May 2015

 testimonio 1


Javier, Federico and team:

Thank you for the outstanding of 7 ½ days at Amakela. This is the best pigeon shooting that I have experienced. Nico, thank you for all the great menus, dinner outside was very special. 
Nick Walker

May 2015

 testimonio 2


What a wonderful place, amazing staff (yes including you Federico!!)and a great shooting. I cant not thank you enough, and will hopefully see you next year
Michael Warrity

May 2015

 testimonio 3


We slocked EM together ans speared EM in the Gizzard!!! Thanks very much! 

Tim Wells

May 2015

 testimonio 4


Living dangerously in the mountains of Argentina, Thanks for the great hunt and the giant mountain boar. Un unloaded gun is a poorly balanced club, never un armed!!! 

Lynn C. Thompson 

May 2015

 testimonio 5


Thanks for the great memories in our first of many trips to Argentina! Zacks “captain awesome! 


May 2015

 testimonio 6



This is the best place I have ever travelled to. Thanks for guiding us!!

My 11 years old sun    and I took the first trip to Argentina here, shoot the stag of a lifetime!! Federico was great! Thanks for everything

Weston Peters  & Son 

May 2015

 testimonio 7


No tengo palabras para describir estos increíbles días en Amakela!!! Habeis creado un ambiente, la casa el campo, la caza, pero sobre todo, todos los que trabajan aquí! Un equipo de 10! Y Fede… un crack! 

Juan F. 

Jul 2015

 testimonio 8


Absolutamente único, casa, campo, cuidados, Fede y los chicos. Increible!
Familia P. Julio

Jul 2015

 testimonio 9



Millones y millones de gracias por poder disfrutar en Amakela de este sueño hecho realidad!!! Fuerte abrazo
Familia A.B.

Sep 2015

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Everything was great and fantastic!!! Thanks for all
Dan B & Jeff Carpen

Jul 2015

 testimonio 11



"Federico is one of the finest professional hunters in the world. The entire experience at Amakela was outstanding. In the 10 years of hosting and producing SCI television, this is certainly one of, if not THE best hunts of my career. The food was 100% better than anywhere I have been. Recommend this hunt to anyone in the world. It's unforgettable!"
 Mike Rogers
 Expedition Safaris. USA

July 2014



 "Long ride from USA. Worth every hour: Stags are my passion but water buffalo and blackbuck made the trip well worth it. Staff is the best. Fred knows hot to make it happen".
 Robert Neisses
Crown Point, Indiana. USA
July 2014


"This trip could not be any better. The chef + staff were excellent! Fred & the guides did an outstanding job. This is truly a 5 star lodge. I'm looking forward to coming back. Thank you for a great stay". 
 Dan Boleck
 Indiana. USA
 July 2014
“Had a great time, the chef were wonderful. All the guides did a great job. The casa is relaxing and enjoyable, also Fred did a good job (just kidding), Fred you were great! host & guide & friend, hope to see you next year + your staff. Thanks for everything.”  
 Jeff Carpen
 Indiana. USA
 July 2014
“Mostly clear, sunny in the high 80º. Buffalo, Red stag, wild boar. Successful with buffalo and red stag, not boar. This is a first class outfit run by Federico, he has assembled a fine staff which was organized and provided great service, everyone worked as a team. I was personally guided by Fred, he is in the game for sure. The food was excellent.”  
 Ed & Laurel Csenge
 Keene NH. USA
 March, 2015
“Freddy you are the best! You have the experience, skill and personality to make a success of any business. This was a fantastic trip with a great stay  at the lodge and a wonderful staff. Thank you all.”  
New York. USA
March 2015